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Let it snow! SE Australia in a freeze.

In 2007, animals, australia, Crazy news, Kangaroo, natural world, outback, photography, Places, Weather, wild animals, World News on July 17, 2007 at 8:34 pm

As most people in the Northern Hemisphere fry in the heat, it’s quite the opposite where I am, Down Under way.

Australia’s most highly populated area, the south east where cities like Melbourne and Sydney lie, is experiencing some of the coldest weather on record.

Sydneysiders woke up to their coldest July morning in 21 years.

Meanwhile to the south of Sydney, in the state of Victoria, roads were closed due to freezing and the city of Melbourne was hammered with high winds.


  1. I stumbled across your website… And I must say those kangaroos are so cute!!

  2. Day-um.. if Australia weren’t a bazillion hours away, I’d be on the next plane! 😀

  3. […] just had the coldest day in July in over nine years now, here in Melbourne. Sydneysiders have probably had it worse, since they got this cold weather front after about 21 years! The silver lining is the warm days […]

  4. Crikey! It’s freezing me beer solid Bruce!

  5. Flamin’ Cricket Bats!
    That’s some good Aussie lingo there Michael, you bloody nailed it, mate!

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