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Video: Jagshemash! Borat hijacks Tour de France

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Kazakhstan’s favourite son delighted commentators, TV viewers and cyclists alike yesterday during le Tour de France.

Sporting his famous mankini, the world famous Borat was seen running up a steep hill attempting to keep up with the peloton with all his might.

Very Nice!

Update 2:
Well, well. The drama and excitement and general craziness of Le Tour continued yesterday. This time TV news bulletins the world over were carrying pictures of mans best friend being ploughed into by a rider.

What was that French dog doing on the course? We may never know.

  1. Oh my Gosh, someone can kill the creator of the swimmwear of that guy? LOL

  2. It’s too late, you can’t kill it now!
    Just when you thought the world was almost speedo free it came along…..
    The mankini… coming to a beach near you real soon!

  3. Oh my… If I see that monster on the beach…I prefer SHARK III

  4. Jagshemash,

    My name a Jonny the Monkey. I am number one most famous celebrity in all Kazakhstan. Good friend Borat still only number four most famous, even after great success movie film.

    Me just want to clears up that Borat actually *IN* race of bicycling, but National Kazakh Team Velocipede only able afford buy Astana t-shirt jersey – not actual bicycle.

    So Borat run on foot for while, but have to stop because mankini start chaff his anoos.


    NOTE: This comment was ‘hand signed’ by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and posted those words here.

  5. Wow, Mr Jonny the Monkey, so honoured to have you here on The Crazy News Blog!
    Number one celebrity in all of Kazakhstan!
    Sorry to hear that Borat never made it into le Tour, maybe next year…
    Veray nice..

  6. Hey Mr Jonny send a pic in swimmwear so we can judge.

  7. […] post by ryanorulz Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  8. So.. why were the men in the Sun wearing “Mantihose” with their Mankinis? Afraid of chafing?

  9. Haha!
    Good spot trish, didn’t notice they were wearing matihose with their mankinis.
    Must be for the chafing…

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