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Teen murders zebra in drive-by shooting

In 2007, Africa, amazing story, American News, animals, Crazy news, Odd News, Texas, United States, World News on July 15, 2007 at 9:39 pm

A despicable act:

A farm with llamas, lemurs and camels has become to scene of a callous act of animal murder.

Zambi the zebra was shot dead as he grazed on lush green pastures in rural Texas, USA, earlier this month, it was alledged. reports:

Joshua Romano and four friends were swimming in a creek but had to leave because of rain. They spotted the zebra as they were driving down a road near the farm. That’s when Romano pulled out a deer rifle and shot Zambi dead. The animal was worth about US$10,000.

Romano’s friends tried to prevent him from shooting the zebra, and the driver sped up to make the shooting more difficult.

Meanwhile, there was an unrelated incident in the same US state, where another native African mammal decided to have some vengeance on the humans:

A tiger mauled zoo keeper in the Texas city of San Antonio.

The zookeeper, who specializes in large cats, was flown to a hospital and was in critical condition, a hospital spokeswoman said. The keeper was in his 20s.

The male Sumatran tiger was 4 or 5 years…The zoo was closed after the attack

  1. What is this world coming to…first drive by shootings of people..NOW Zebras..what’s next chickens……
    Where do you find this it

  2. What is the world coming to indeed!
    Crazy stuff it is… Thanks for stopping by.
    I just find it on my daily meander across the WWW, lots of amazing stories happening all the time.

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