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Video: Billions of rats infest rural China.

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Rats! Wheres’ that dam Pied Piper when you need him!

An estimated 2 billion rats have infested farm crops and villages after flooding in China’s east.

Farmers armed with ferrets and shovels had killed 90 tonnes of rats in the country’s eastern province of Hunan, where 1.6 million hectares (6,200 sq miles) of cropland have been laid to waste by rats fleeing rising flood waters in the giant Dongting Lake.

The rodents, whose island habitats in the lake were submerged by the rising tide from heavy summer rains, migrated in huge numbers to dry land, leaving a trail of destruction in about 20 counties, local farmers and officials told Wednesday’s China Daily.

“It’s like the mopping up by enemy troops in wars. We have nothing left,” 65-year-old farmer Yin Xinjin said.

Amazing video form Reuters.

  1. That reminds me of the time when Chairman Mao ordered the whole country to kill rats, mosquitos and such back in the 50’s.

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