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Generosity gets weird in Japanese money mystery

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What’s going on in Japan?

A mysterious and generous individual has been leaving gifts of 10,000 yen ($US 80) in male toilets across Japan, urging them to “do good deeds and not think of evil”.

So far there are estimates that up to 400 of the gifts have been left across Japan since September.

Each of the gifts is wrapped in a traditional Japanese envelope with a note in traditional calligraphy telling the recipient to use the money for personal development and to only take one envelope.

The generosity came to light because many of the Japanese who have found the envelopes have handed them over to authorities as lost property.

“It’s a strange thing to find,” a security guard said. “I’m surprised it’s not a isolated case.”

A handwriting expert, Hideho Kindaichi, said the money might have been left by a person familiar with Buddhism.

“It might be a bit of an exaggeration but it might be this person is thinking people are having a hard time one way or another.

“Therefore he’s offering this money to help people in this very uncaring society.”

  1. […] few weeks after we reported the mysterious appearance of envelopes containing hundreds of dollars in men’s toilets across Japan, more startling news has reached us about Japan’s weird money […]

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