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Pensioner arrested for not watering lawn & clashing with police.

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A case of only in America?…

Sleepy Orem town.

A 70-year-old woman from Utah, USA, was thrown in jail after refusing to co-operate with local police who arrived at her home to caution her for, wait for it…… not watering her lawn.

Betty Perry, a retired US military and government worker, says she was visited by a police officer who hit her with handcuffs and cut her nose, after she initially refused to give her name.

“As far as I’m concerned, he really abused me – he brutally abused me, for what?”

The policeman even called for backup to help deal with Betty, who was taken to the local holding cells, fingerprinted and booked.

Betty was greeted at her door last week by an officer from the local Orem police force asking about her scruffy, brown grass in her front yard.

When she said she couldn’t afford to water her lawn the cop started to write her a ticket for violating the city’s nuisance ordinance, which requires residents to keep a maintained, live yard.

“I couldn’t believe what went on, it was so bizarre,” she said. “I wasn’t even prepared for it. Once you’re in handcuffs, you can’t do anything.”

She was only released when police administrators learned about the situation.

The craziest thing I’ve heard all week.

4328894.jpg  Betty’s castle

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