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Women’s clothing the best cover.

In 2007, 21st century, adult, amazing story, asia, Bollywood, celebrity, civilisation, crazy, Crazy news, europe, hottie, Humour, India, Life, Odd News, People, religion, Society, World News on July 5, 2007 at 12:22 am

Wearing a burqa as a clever undercover disguise is the new in thing these days, with the head to toe Islamic garment used as a convenient cover by everyone from European bank robbers to Indian pop stars.

On Tuesday it was reported that a group of armed men in Bosnia stormed into a Sarajevobank bank branch, ordering customers to hand over belongings and emptied out the day’s takings, getting away with around US $40,000.

Last week Indian composer and music star Himesh Reshammiya created an uproar after he visited a 13th century Islamic shrine in the traditional women’s clothing to avoid thongs of fans mobbing him.

Himesh likes it under-cover.

And today it was reported that a radical Islamic Pakistani cleric tried to give security forces the slip after a mosque siege in Islamabad.

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