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Dinosaur fossil eaten.

In amazing story, ancient, animals, China, civilisation, Communism, crazy, Crazy news, evolution, wild animals on July 4, 2007 at 11:48 pm


Villagers in central China dug up a ton of dinosaur bones and boiled them in soup or ground them into powder for traditional medicine, believing they were from flying dragons and had healing powers.

The calcium-rich bones were sometimes boiled with other ingredients and fed to children as a treatment for dizziness and leg cramps. Other times they were ground up and made into a paste that was applied directly to fractures and other injuries, he said.

The practice had been going on for at least two decades.

Until last year, the fossils were being sold in Henan province as “dragon bones” at about 4 yuan (US 50 cents) per kilogram.

“They had believed that the ‘dragon bones’ were from the dragons flying in the sky,” said Chinese scientist Dong Zhimin.

Dong was among a team of scientists who recently excavated a 60-foot-long plant-eating dinosaur, which lived 85 million to 100 million years ago.

The Henan area is also rich in fossilized dinosaur eggs.

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