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Sex in the office, Australia says YES! YES! YES!.

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A survey on the work habits of Australian adults has found that 1 in 5 people claim to have had a sexual encounter in the office.

A survey by online job search website said that about 20% of Aussies have not only been getting intimate at the office but also admit to doing ‘it’ during work hours.

The findings hinted at several possible reasons for Aussies getting so up close and personal with work colleagues, which also found that almost one in four Aussies had met their long term partner at work. 

Possible causes of widespread intimacy may stem from people spending more time in the office than ever before, leading to close freindships and socialising.

And colleagues who work in a similar field are likely to share interests and this is an element many people look for in a partner.

The survey found only 13 per cent of Aussies saw romantic relations in the office as unethical and a mere four percent of workers had a no fraternising clause in their contract.

Casual sex Friday?

  1. That’s it! packing up from here in the US and moving. Anyone need an Instructional Designer? Will work long office hours and “overtime”.

  2. aussies are fuckers !!

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