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Hot Scoop: King does Paris, media go ga-ga!

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For more video, story and trasncript of Hilton CNN interview.


King of talk meets Queen of Celeb on CNN.

The Paris Hilton media circus was in full swing, with serious and soft journalists from around the world descending on Hollywood just to see one woman get out of jail.

Hundreds of photographers, camera and sound operators, reporters, bloggers and general losers bombarded her with questions, camera flashes, and general screaming as she walked a media gauntlet to greet her family in a large SUV outside the jailhouse where she spent the last few weeks.

Hilton stepped to freedom just after 12am local time.

Hilton left the media madness with a major convoy in toe, and TV networks across America went live with an OJ Simpson style news chopper chase as the Hiltons spent about 45 minutes on the road travelling to the Hollywood hills for a stay at the heavily fortified mansion of the Hilton grandparents.

Hilton’s stay cost taxpayers US$1,109.78 a day, more than 10 times the cost of housing inmates in the general population.

Paris will chat to TV talk show host Larry King in an interview sure to be one of CNN’s best rated in history.


Commentary VIDEO

Hold ’em player wins free sex.

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A strip bar in Victoria state in Australia has awarded the winner of a Texas hold ’em poker tournament  with a voucher to a brothel.

“Some venues offer a drink card or a chicken parma – ours is a free half-hour session at the local bordello,” said the bar owner.

The tournaments are linked to the National Poker League competition. 

The prize has outraged local family groups. The President of the Australian Family Association said she was dissapointed.

“We are seriously disappointed that a local business thinks that a brothel voucher is an appropriate prize to hand out in a public venue,”Angela Conway said.

Some have all the luck.