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In Worlds fastest ageing nation, even pet dogs get nursing home.

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Japan is about to have its first aged care facility for mans best friend, the dog.

20 dogs nearing the end of thier lives will be pampered and cared for at a facility set up by Saradi Corporation, cashing in on a demand for dog carers, as many people become too old to care for their own pets.

The facility, located in the resort area of Nasu north of Tokyo, will have a veterinarian on standby 24 hours a day and the dogs will be able to exercise regualarly, eat natural foods and mix with younger dogs to maintain their vitality.

“We see a strong demand for these services, partly because owners are ageing alongside their dogs and also because many women work nowadays, leaving them no time to care for their dogs,” the companies chief executive Nana Uchida says.

Japan is the world’s fastest-ageing nation, with 40 per cent of the population expected to be over 65 in the next 50 years. The average lifespan of Japan’s 13 million dogs has also extended from five years or less in the 1980s, to 15 years or more recently, thanks to improved diet and medical care.

  1. Oh my goodness. Stop the madness!

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