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Idiocy or Intelligence? Croc man goes boldly where no man should ever.

In croc suit, crocodiles, Dr Brady Barr, egypt, natural world, People, photography, Uncategorized, United States, USA, wild animals, World News on June 13, 2007 at 1:13 am


It’s unlikely that anybody will copy the Crocodile Hunter, but Steve Irwin would surely approve of Dr Brady Barr — he impersonates crocodiles.

The renowned National Geographic reptile researcher has developed a unique crocodile-shaped protective suit that allows him to get right next to the fearsome beasts in the wild.

As an added defence, Dr Barr smears himself with animal dung to mask his humour odour.

While it lacks the function of Roger Moore’s floating suit in the James Bond film ‘Octopussy’, the croc suit proved effective in letting Dr Barr get right next to some endangered Nile crocodiles in Egypt.

And this croc-man is no newcomer to the animal communing game: he’s been getting to know all manner of wild beasts for the past 15 years, and seeks out the poison of the black mamba snake and the ‘bite force’ of several of the planet’s most frightening predators as part of his latest mission.

Video: Walking with crocodiles


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