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Zoo animals join in on peak hour traffic.

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Commuters in Berlin found themselves sharing the road with escapees from a local zoo — six horses, three camels, two goats and a llama.

The animals escaped from a small petting zoo in the east of the capital and appeared shortly before 7 a.m. local time at a busy roundabout a few hundred meters away, local police said.

The animals’ excursion, which led to minor disruption but no injuries, was ended swiftly. The horses were caught in a nearby park and the llama at a cemetery, police said. Their comrades also were apprehended.

It was not immediately clear how the animals escaped.

Where did all the animals go?

Squirrel goes nuts in Germany!

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Meanwhile in Germany, three people were injured after an extreamly aggressive squirrel went on a rampage in a town called Passau on the Austrian border to Germany.

The rodent jumped through a living-room window attacking its first victim,a woman who ran into the steet as the crazy squirrel was hanging on by its teeth, she managed to shake the animal off.

The squirrel then bit a builder before fleeing into a nearby garden, where it bit a 72-year-old man who eventually killed it with his crutch.

 The dead squirrel will be tested for rabies.

Hardcore Ninja outsmarted by old man.

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 Italian police have arrested a Russian “ninja” who had been spreading fear across farmlands in the north of the country.
The “ninja” was known to have struck several times – his head wrapped in a black bandana, a powerful bow in one hand and a knife strapped to his leg.

He targeted isolated farms late at night forcing farmers to hand over cash and valuables at arrow point.

His victims were usually so afraid they didn’t report the attacks until some days later.

But one night the “ninja” was outwitted.

As he smashed through the door of a farmhouse, a feisty old pensioner was waiting for him.

The old man came down the stairs but tripped on the last step letting off his rifle.

Startled, the “ninja” made his escape, hopping onto a bicycle and racing off into the nearby cornfields – followed by police who were quickly on the scene.

Police eventually trailed him to an abandoned farmhouse where he was arrested.

He was later identified as Igor Vaclavic, a former soldier from the Russian army.

He was caught carrying night scopes and a head torch.

When asked about his chosen disguise, he told police he had been inspired by his boyhood idol – Robin Hood.

Speaking of Ninjas

“Beeb, beeb!”, ‘Roadrunner’ dinosaur species discovered

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3ft-long plant-eating dinosaur called Eocursor has been identified by paleontologists. Fossil remains of a single specimen of the dinosaur were discovered in South Africa in 1993, but have only recently been studied.

3ft-long plant-eating dinosaur stood on two legs, was about the size of a large dog and was built for speed. It was a primitive member of a large group of dinosaurs called the ornithischians and lived about 220 million years ago and lived in vast herds of up to 10,000.


Working with scientists at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town, and experts from Cambridge University in England, paleontologist Dr Butler compared Eocursor’s anatomy with that of ornithischians from all over the world.

The researchers produced a new evolutionary tree showing how primitive members of the family were related.

It suggested that they spread throughout the world later than was previously thought.

“By placing Eocursor in an evolutionary tree we can begin to understand when and why ornithiscian dinosaurs became so important,” said Dr Butler.

“It seems that primitive ornithiscians were scarce, and the group succeeded by taking advantage of the extinction of other plant-eating reptiles at the end of the Triassic about 200 million years ago.”