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Pilot to passangers: “Don’t worry, it’s only a safety problem”

In Air travel, crazy, Crazy news, europe, Human survival, Odd News, People, Spain, transport, Uncategorized on June 12, 2007 at 11:51 pm

Low cost, no frills, airlines in Europe have been all the rage for some years now. But when passengers boarding low-cost Spanish airline Vueling Airlines Sunday realised that nearly half the seats on their plane were out of use, some began worrying.

 No frills air conditioning

The captain told passangers on the intercom: “We will not be able to use that part of the plane because we have a safety problem with the door at the front. Don’t worry, it’s only a safety problem,”

Some passangers where very nervous including one passenger who asked a pesimistic question about whether the plane could tip over in mid-air by flying with a heavier load on one side.

Many passangers who were flying Lisbon to Madrid took photos of the taped-off seats but staff stopped them saying it was against company rules.

The safety problem was with the slide on one of the plane’s eight emergency exit doors, a spokeswoman for Vueling said.

The firm followed aviation guidelines which allow the door to be used but oblige a reduction in passenger numbers because it cannot fulfill its emergency function, she said.

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