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Japan declares ‘War on Animals’

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Post World War 2 Japan has had a strict self- defence only policy, but the Land of the Rising Sun is about to declare war on our friends in the animal kingdom

Having debated since March on how to deal with wild animals such as boars, bears and monkeys who attack crops and enter populated areas, a group of Japanese ruling party politicians has agreed to call on the military for help.

   Japanese Macaque monkeys, probably the coolest monkeys in the world, besides us ofcourse.

Under the plan, subject to approval from party executives, local leaders will be able to request help from the country’s Self Defence Forces to build fences and set traps. Some in the party are also calling for troops to use guns.

But the defence ministry is cautious on the use of weapons as Japan’s military activities are strictly curtailed by its pacifist constitution.

Oh deer….

  Hanging out with Japanese deer

Meanwhile, the ruling parties plans’ seem to be falling on deaf ears. Nearly half of Japanese voters want the ruling coalition to lose its upper house majority in July elections, a Kyodo news agency poll showed on Sunday.

The poll of 1,858 voters found 46.9 percent hoped Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Centrist Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its junior coalition partner New Komeito would lose, compared with 43.6 percent who wanted the ruling bloc to maintain its majority.

Shinzo Abe, lucky wild animals can’t vote.

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