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Rats attack at McDonalds.

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A woman in China has been compensated $290 US (2,200 yuan) by McDonalds Corporation after a rat climbed up her leg and bit her thight while she was eating a meal. 

The student had made a claim of 20,000 yuan to cover medical and other fees, as well as psycological truama she claimed the incident had caused.

The court ruled that McDonald’s was responsible for maintaining proper hygiene at its restaurants, in line with relevant hygiene standards of China, and should compensate the woman for failing to protect customer safety. The court did not rule on a particular monetray payment sum for the woman.

The unidentified woman said the incident caused her to become frightened by white mice and rabbits.

I wonder how much she would have been awarded if the incedent took place in a county like the United States or the UK?. A lot more I’de say.

See more on the rich and long history of McDonalds in court

  1. dammnnnnnnn

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am currently doing my GCSE’s and would like to use one of your pictures; two children eating mc donalds.
    It would be very much appreciated, thankyou very much in advance

  3. I find that appaling and quuite intriuging

  4. Wow. If I were her, I would have sued them for A LOT more money than $290!!!! Thats all i”m sayin……

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