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Hungary for love, World kissing record set.

In adult, Art, entertainment, europe, Hungary, kiss, kiss party, love, party, World News, world record on June 11, 2007 at 3:06 am

Hungary regained the world record for simultaneous kissing on Saturday when more than 6400 couples joined lips for a few seconds in the square outside the parliament in Budapest.

Hungary has been engaged in an osculation duel with the Philippines since 2004, when 5327 couples kissed in Manila. Budapest won the record back in 2005, but in February Manila managed 6124 couples.

“The news came a few months ago that Filipinos had overtaken us. We became defiant and said we would take it back again,” said Ferenc Pallagi, the journalist who organised the Kissing Party.

A range of kissing styles were on display in the capital from intimate pecks to shameless slurping.

Couples were asked to kiss for only ten seconds but many could not resist going on for a bit longer as fireworks were set off to celebrate the win.

The square had been cordoned off for months to stop anti-government protests.

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