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Corrupt police dogs go crazy for human females.

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In Thailand two ace sniffer dogs who were once street mutts ran riot at an airport and have been fired. The dogs often urinated on peoples luggage and even sexually harassed female passengers.

The devilish pair, Mok and Lai, were pulled off the streets under a program initiated by King Bhumibol Adulyadej to turn strays into police dogs.

The naughty dogs who worked at northern Thailand’s Chiang Rai airport, near the border with Laos and Myanmar,  were guns at sniffing out drugs, however so many passengers complained about their outrageous attitude that authorites had no choice but to have the dogs fired.

“He liked to pee on luggage while searching for drugs inside,” Mok’s former handler, Police Lieutenant Colonel Jakapop Kamhon, said. “He also liked to hold on to women’s legs.”

“Both were just as good as foreign dogs trained for use in drug missions,” he added. “But they were stray dogs, so their manners were worse than those of foreign breeds.”

Apparenlty Mok and Lai now work on a farm, herding chickens and pigs.

Rats attack at McDonalds.

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A woman in China has been compensated $290 US (2,200 yuan) by McDonalds Corporation after a rat climbed up her leg and bit her thight while she was eating a meal. 

The student had made a claim of 20,000 yuan to cover medical and other fees, as well as psycological truama she claimed the incident had caused.

The court ruled that McDonald’s was responsible for maintaining proper hygiene at its restaurants, in line with relevant hygiene standards of China, and should compensate the woman for failing to protect customer safety. The court did not rule on a particular monetray payment sum for the woman.

The unidentified woman said the incident caused her to become frightened by white mice and rabbits.

I wonder how much she would have been awarded if the incedent took place in a county like the United States or the UK?. A lot more I’de say.

See more on the rich and long history of McDonalds in court

Nude cycling the new in-thing.

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Last week in Amsterdam it was cycling nude for art, this week in cities across Europe and North America they were doing it in the name of the environment, or something.

Under the slogan “As Bare As You Dare,” protesters felt the wind in their hair — and everywhere else — as they pedalled along demonstrating the risks they face on the roads and the impact that cars have on the environment.

Authorities generally turned a blind eye to one of the world’s more outlandish environmental protests, apart from in Paris where five of the unabashed riders were arrested for so-called “sexual exhibition.”

Most of the 400 people, including 160 on bikes, gathered for the Paris event decided that discretion was the better part of valour and fearing arrest redonned clothes and dispersed.

Many had turned their bodies into human placards, writing slogans or humorous messages across their stomachs or on their backs. “Warning: fragile!”, one said, “Warning: flesh!” another.

In London, 700 cyclists in various states of undress were reported to have gambolled through central London in another leg of the World Naked Bike Ride, while similar events happened in Manchester, Southampton and York.

The nude cyclists — and others with strategically-placed body paint, sticky tape or bum bags — began their ride at Hyde Park and finished in Wellington Arch, a route of about six miles (10 kilometres).

“We are seeing an increasing number of stories of melting ice caps and Antarctica crumbling away and no government is doing anything serious about this,” said Martin Ireland, one of the riders.

“They are paying lip service to the problem so people have been taking to their bikes, unclothed, to express their feelings about it.”

Video: Nudist bikers run riot.

Naked cyclists in London The naked cyclists ride through Brighton

Hungary for love, World kissing record set.

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Hungary regained the world record for simultaneous kissing on Saturday when more than 6400 couples joined lips for a few seconds in the square outside the parliament in Budapest.

Hungary has been engaged in an osculation duel with the Philippines since 2004, when 5327 couples kissed in Manila. Budapest won the record back in 2005, but in February Manila managed 6124 couples.

“The news came a few months ago that Filipinos had overtaken us. We became defiant and said we would take it back again,” said Ferenc Pallagi, the journalist who organised the Kissing Party.

A range of kissing styles were on display in the capital from intimate pecks to shameless slurping.

Couples were asked to kiss for only ten seconds but many could not resist going on for a bit longer as fireworks were set off to celebrate the win.

The square had been cordoned off for months to stop anti-government protests.