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Give me ice cream, say Italian politicians.

In 2007, cafe, entertainment, europe, Humour, ice cream, Italy, Life, Odd News, People, Places, politics, Senate, World News on June 9, 2007 at 1:59 am

A group of Italian senators want ice cream in their cafeteria to “improve the quality of life” in the Senate, astonishing observers as Italy’s political class faces a growing backlash over its handsome pay and perks.

In a letter to the Senate building’s administrators, Italian senators Rocco Buttiglione and Albertina Soliani said serving “gelato” could be considered serving the needs of people’s daily life.

“The cafeteria is not supplied with ice cream,” said the letter, published by Italian newspapers on Friday. “We think it would be useful if it were and we are certain that it can be interpreted as the desire of many.”

This is not the first gastronomic request by Italy’s senators either, La Repubblica newspaper said.

They had previously asked for — and succeeded in getting — regional specialties on the menu such as meat of white buffalo, and also partook in a wine sommelier course in March.

Not all senators were not impressed with the latest request.

“At a time in which there is an emergency in public spending, requests of this type can only further deteriorate the image of government representatives,” Del Pennino said.

“I myself like gelato a lot, but I leave the Senate building and buy it in Piazza Navona.”

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