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“Who’s a virgin?,” Supermodel Gisele Bundchen wants to know.

In 2007, Life, Odd News, People, World News on June 8, 2007 at 7:43 pm

The worlds richest supermodel (she raked in US$33 million in 2006 according to Forbes Magazine) , Gisele Bundchen, has thrown herself into the birth control and sexual behavior debate, telling reporters that Church opposition to condom use was ridiculous and women should have the right to choose on abortion.

Bundchen, who is the face of over 20 brands worldwide, said that when the Church made its laws centuries ago, women were expected to be virgins.

“Today no one is a virgin when they get married … show me someone who’s a virgin!”

Asked about abortion, she said a woman should have the right to choose what is best for her.“If she thinks she doesn’t have the money or the emotional condition to raise a child, why should she give birth?”

Gisele, who has also appeared in Hollywood movies ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Taxi, also expressed her opposition to the Vatican’s views on ‘fidelity and abstinence’  in combating the spread of STD’s such as AIDS. “It’s ridiculous to ban contraceptives — you only have to think of the diseases that are transmitted without them. I think it should be compulsory to use a contraceptive.” Gisele is idolized by many young women in Brazil, the world’s largest Roman Catholic country, where debate over sexual issues has intensified around a visit by Pope Benedict last month.It’s Gisele mania today on The Crazy News. And no supermodel story would be complete without a sexy video montage to go with those delicious pictures…you know it! Enjoy…

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  1. She complains about abortion and AIDS, but if women stayed virgins until marriage, wouldn’t those problems diminish greatly?

    Anyways, she’d meet millions of unmarried virgins if she travelled anywhere beyond the Americas and Europe.

    complete response

  2. What a moron.

    She is telling the world what SHE wants and NOT what is correct. If people would have a bit of self-control there
    would be no AIDS crisis or millions of parentless children.
    For the matter, there would not be millions of dead babies
    due to the moronic sex of two idiots. Keep it in your pants
    if you do not want a baby. How simple can it get?!?

    Godlessness is here to stay.

  3. Just adding to the ‘dumb supermodel’ stereotype. Brainless mannequin. There’re tons of (might I add hot, sexy and smart) virgins out there who don’t intend to lose it until their wedding nights. Kudos to them. I agree with Assymetric and nauss.

  4. The fact that the opinions of Gisele differ from your own does not make her stupid. On the contrary, such an attack sheds light on your own narrow viewpoint. She is, in fact EDUCATING people about options about which the church would prefer the public remain ignorant. Abstinence is not for everyone. That is, isn’t it rather ignorant (and naive) to think that because religion decrees premarital sexual activity “wrong”, “incorrect”, or “sinful”. people will abstain and lives will be saved. Furthermore, it does not work

    While the christians preach, Gisele is touting the power of knowledge and information. Far cry from the “dumb supermodel”. (could you be any more cliche, Miu?) Those who chose not to abstain deserve to make an informed (read the opposite of brainless) decision about their safety regarding methods of contraception without the church interfering.

    Not all good people are christians, not all christians are good (nor godly) people

  5. Yes, she should travel beyond America & Europe then she’ll find most of women are virgin until they get married.

    I feel sorry for her cause she is a super model but she doesn’t know the world that much.

    You should learn and ready a lot more before speak out.

  6. I cannot believe how brainwashed and ignorant some of you people seem to be. The world isn’t black and white, so why should the only option be to abstain or to be shunned for having sex. I agree with jessica Says, because it should be a womans choice to abstain and it is no one elses business other than hers. It is not up to god and it sure as hell is not up to all of you self rightious people with your holyer-than-thow attitudes just because you go sit in a church and pretend to listen to god tell you how much better than everyone else you are. Yes people should be careful and always use some form of a contraceptive, and yes a woman sould be well informed about the consiquences that could arise as well as have a plan as to what they are going to do if she gets pregnant, but that is just common sense. So get off your high horse!

  7. I stayed a virgin until I was married so she can suck on it. Poor thing doesn’t even realize that she’s only furthering the stereotype that models are idiots.

  8. Lets be honest. The only reason that there are so many virgins outside the u.s/europe, is because a woman would be disowned by society and her family. In even more extreme cases/areas, women will be jailed and/or killed. This does not reflect a persons true wishes when death is threatened upon them. Take away the threats and lets see who remains a virgin. (aka, the u.s/europe).

    Regardless, if you are going to do it and get pregnant, your option should not be to murder the child. If you can’t emotionally/financially support that child, then yes you have a choice. But it is only one choice. Give the kid up for adoption. I don’t know how we got to this point in society where it is perfectly acceptable to kill innocent children. Disgusting. This applies in instances of rape too. The child does not deserve to die. Simply give him up for adoption and you are done. I swear, it seems the ONLY reason women have an abortion is so they can avoid the weight gain. What other reason would you not just give birth and then give him up?

  9. The opinion that “abstinence isn’t for everyone” is patently absurd. We’re not talking about choosing between pie or ice cream for dessert. We’re talking about the life of a child. It’s a shame it only seems to be the Church that sees that distinction.

    The Church isn’t trying to ruin your “good time.” It’s trying to save a life. I’d think that was more important than permitting you to do whatever you like with your genitals without consequence.

    And that’s the rub, ain’t it? You want no consequences for your actions. You want to do what you like, when you like, and how you like with no price to pay for that kind of lifestyle. Here’s a newsflash: Adults don’t think like that.

  10. Kim, some people actually do listen to God, thank you very much. I’m sure people would be happier if you would be more respectful of religion even if you don’t agree with it. We’re not talking of how religion here, we’re talking of morals, just so you know.

  11. Andrea: for most religious people, religion and morals are intricately connected (though not necessarily totally conflated), so if you’re a religious person talking about “morals”, you ARE talking about your religion.

    Amelia: it has nothing to do with “weight gain”. It has to do with 9 months of one’s life; it has to do with bringing a child into the world (which should only EVER be done as a conscious choice based on a plan, IMO); it has to do with the fact that pregnancy is hazardous to one’s health! (Women do die from pregnancy and childbirth, even in the MOST technologically advanced of situations.) (And yes, many, many times more women, in the US, die from pregnancy and childbirth than from safe, legal abortion.)

    My opinion: pregnancy should ALWAYS be a planned choice; if unintended pregnancy occurs, it *should* be terminated, unless the woman (along with her partner, if she has one) is able to decide that she does indeed very much WANT to have a child, and furthermore she actually HAS THE MEANS to care for it, and care for it WELL, or she is willing to carry it to term and give it up for adoption; if it is inviable (see below), it should be terminated (unfortunately the current situation is such that its organs cannot be donated, because of stupid, convoluted laws), and if it’s severely disabled, unless she is committed to raising a severely disabled child, and giving her/him the best possible life, it should also be terminated, because there is almost no one who wants to adopt a severely disabled child, so the chances are astronomical that the eventual child will have a fairly sad and empty life sitting in a corner somewhere with very little attention given to her/him. (My sister is severely disabled, and my mom’s LIFE is taking care of her, and the vast majority of her friends, who don’t have mothers like mine and hers, have very boring, empty lives, because it just takes TOO much to make their lives more than that–it takes as much as anyone is willing to give just to keep them dressed and fed and alive and in a warm, dry building, with a few bits of generic “entertainment” from time to time–so don’t suppose I don’t know what I’m talking about.)

    (But that’s just my opinion, and I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what others do, because I know I can’t control it.)

    A fetus is not a “child”, especially in the first trimester.

    [96% of US abortions occur in the first 15 weeks–and the vast majority of the rest are performed in cases where the mother’s life is in danger and/or the fetus is non-viable (google “anencephalic photos” if you really don’t understand what “inviable” can mean). (And if you think that abortion past the first trimester (or past the first half of pregnancy), is “just plain wrong”, read this: (“I Had An Abortion When I Was Six Months Pregnant” — Confronted with desperately ill unborn twins and great risks to her own health, a young woman steps into a political minefield).)]

    In its pre-viable state–if the bearer doesn’t want it–it is, frankly, a parasite. First trimester fetuses die of their own accord all the time, and no one has any funerals for them–most of the time people don’t even KNOW they were ever there!! It’s only when people choose to take control of their own lives that some people get their panties in a bunch–because they feel a (disturbing) need to ATTEMPT to increase their own sense of control over their own lives by ATTEMPTING to control other people’s lives (and it NEVER works).

    (For those of you who believe in “God”, try the philosophy: “Let go, let God”; worry about finding your own joy, let everyone else worry about themselves, and you’ll be so much happier.)

    Kevin: Doing what you want, when you want, how you want, because you want it is the *only* way to live the *truly* free, meaningful lives we are meant to live. Most adults have had it trained out of them, but watch children, they still know. (And if you think you’re joyful doing what other people expect you to do, it’s only because you’ve never experienced the try joy that you achieve only in being “selfish” enough to care more about the way you *feel* than about what anyone else says about you or about what you do.) (Oh, and I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way, and posting this comment is probably not helping me, but oh well, sometimes I wander a bit.) 😉

    nauss: free, joyful, liberating sex can be among the most “Godly” (i.e. connected to that which is our divine Source) experiences we can have in this physical human experience. (And no, it does not matter if you are “married” (in any sense of the word), if that’s your only partner, or if you belong to the “right” religion–all that matters (all that ever matters in anything) is that you are purely connected, in that moment, to your Source.)

  12. hot,,, wow,,, very hot

  13. wow… very hot… hot… wow… it’s wonderfull woman

  14. The Christian approach to virginity is like this : it’s not just women who should stay virgins unless they marry – the men should be virgins too.

    That’s the Biblical way – that’s what God makes it clear he intended and knows is best. Read ‘Song of Songs’ in the Old Testament for a Biblical reference to the beauty of sex done in a way Blessed by God-i.e. done in a Way God intended (in marriage).
    However Christians should also love the sinner & hate the sin , in other words love our neighbours without judging- after all ‘for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’ Romans 3 vs 23.
    Though we are all sinners God loves us and offers us forgiveness and the hope of eternal life in heaven by turning from our un-Godly ways and following Jesus. That means being obedient to Jesus as a sign of turning from our sinful ways. In this context it means sexual purity – i.e. if your are a virgin -stay one until you marry or until you die. If your not, start abstaining unless you’re married. It matters.

    The abortion issue I don’t have straight answer too – but it needs dealing with with love and compassion – I know that much.

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