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The very odd couple, 53 years of marriage and nothing but hate.

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A Chinese couple now in their 80’s have such a bad relationship they can only communicate with terse notes, despite the fact that they still live in the same house as one another.

Mr Toa and Mrs Yang married back in 1954 after falling in love, but soon Mrs Yang said she discovered that Mr Yang had  ”too many faults”, and as time went on their relationship deterorated signifantly.

Her husband, Mr Tao, said things got particularly bad in 1989, a time when the couple would start arguing after just a few words with each other.

The old couple have now taken themselves to court, with Mrs Yang demanding that her husband give her an allowance so she can enjoy greater independence from him. Mrs Yang, 80, has never worked and so has no income of her own.

She told the court that if she wants something she leaves her husband a note saying such things as “no toothpaste”, which he then buys.

Mrs Yang, who arrived at court separately from her husband, is demanding he give her a 450 yuan ($59) monthly allowance out of his 1,000 ($130) pension.

The court, in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, is due to make a ruling next week.

 Not Mr Tao and Mrs Yang.

The Yangs have never divorced due to the notion being socially unacceptable and taboo among the older Chinese generation.


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