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Al Hill’s leg comes off, no pain killers, just his poket knife.

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A man has cut off his own leg with a pocket knife after being trapped under a fallen tree. 

66-year-old Al Hill was alone in the California woods cutting down trees when one apparently fell his way, pinning him for almost 12 hours before he made the drastic decision to part ways with his leg.

“He had a cell phone that couldn’t get out and he started cutting his own leg off,” said longtime friend Cathy Morgan.

Hill had nearly severed his leg by the time a prospector looking for gold nearby heard his cries for help.

“He was in a position where he could not move four inches. I mean he was stuck,” said the Gold digger.

The prospector and another man were able to use Hill’s chainsaw to remove the tree. A medical helicopter flew Hill to a nearby medcial center where doctors completed the amputation below the left knee.

A hospital spokeswoman said Hill was in serious condition on Wednesday, and that he was declining interviews.

News of Hill’s ordeal has captivated the tiny isolated town of Iowa Hill about 100 kilometres north-east of the California capital, Sacramento, where there is no electricity and few services for its 150 or so residents.

“Everybody has just kind of pulled together,” The town’s volenteer fire chief told media. “Anything he needs, we’ll be there for him.”

Residents described Hill as a private man, serious and reserved but well-respected. He is a remnant of the sawmill industry that once dominated their town.

The story is reminicent of a May 2003 incident when 27-year-old Aron Ralston used a pocket knife to amputate his own arm below the elbow in a desperate bid to free himself after being trapped for five days under an 360-kilogram boulder in a national park in Utah.

But Aron Ralston was trapped for 5 long, hard days. This Al Hill fella was only trapped for about 12 hours. Was this a drastic measure, what would you do if you were pinned and had the chance to get out by cutting yourself free? Would you cut or wait?


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