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Monster dragon attacks, kills boy.

In 2007, amazing story, asia, crazy, Crazy news, dragon, Godzilla, indonesia, Life, Odd News, People, Places, wild animals on June 4, 2007 at 6:12 pm

 A vicious attack has left an 8 year old Indonesian boy dead over the weekend in an attack rare in its kind .

 “The Komodo attacked him, bit him and tossed him around, and only released him after villagers came and threw stones at it,” Manggarai barat district police chief Buce Hello said.

The boy, named Mansur, was having a toilet stop in a bush area on Saturday when he was attacked .

The island, one of the largest in the Komodo national park, has no medical clinic and the boy, a local villager, died shortly after the attack, he said.

The park and the western and northern coastlines of neighbouring Flores island are the natural habitats of the giant Komodo dragon, which is the world’s largest monitor lizard.

The lizard can grow up to 3m long and weigh up to 140kg.

There are an estimated 3000 Komodo dragons in the park and surrounding areas.

   Komodo island

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