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Knoxville gets sued for genitals in a mousetrap prank.

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Actor Perry Caravello is suing Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, TV host Jimmy Kimmel and radio personality Adam Corolla for US$10 million. Caravello alledges he was promised money and promotion of a movie if he carried out a stunt that involved putting his genitals in a mousetrap.

The stunt was intended as a promotion for the DVD release of Windy City Heat, in which Carolla, Caravello and Kimmel all appeared.

But the stunt went wrong and Caravello “was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood”, according to papers filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

“Cameras both hidden and exposed capture the fun and pain when Caravello is inexplicably cast as the star of a supposed film called Windy City Heat, in which he portrays a character named Stone Fury, a hard-boiled Chicago ‘sports private eye.’

“It’s all just a complete goof, of course. But the real Caravello doesn’t know that,” said the paper in its October 2003 review of the telemovie.

Caravello is claiming US$10 million over the stunt, plus an extra US$500,000 for humiliation after the stunt-gone-wrong was distributed on the internet.

                                               You’ve gotta ask, is this for real, or just a really tame stunt to boost DVD sales of the movie Windy City Heat? (which was a flop)

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