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Make toads eat themselves, say scientists.

In australia, cane toad, natural world, outback, sex, Snakes, sydney, Uncategorized, wild animals, World News on June 4, 2007 at 11:01 pm

The key to control the plague like population explosion of cane toads in tropical northern Australia is to encourage toads to turn to cannibalism, resarch shows.

A discovered was made recently which showed that cane toads have a healthy appetite for their own young, consuming up to 12 other cane toads in a lifetime. Adult cane toads wave one of the three toes on their hind legs, luring in the young who are fooled into thinking it is an insect. The unsuspecting youngster is then eaten.

“We will modify ponds to encourage cane toads to breed in the same place then the toads can control themselves,” Professor Rick Shine’s of the University of Sydney said.

Adults will eat the young, dramatically reducing the number of offspring and, in turn, the number of cane toads mature enough to breed, he said.

“The aim is to concentrate cane toads to provide a much better situation for Australian fauna.

Since their introduction to Australia in 1932, the toads have been a destructive force, poisoning and killing native wildlife and have enough poison to kill a small dog.

A female cane toad can produce up to 35,000 offspring in one clutch meaning that the number of cane toads has reached astronomical levels.

“You’re one ugly mother f#cker..”

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