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Nude photograher snaps again!

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 A day of a thousand moons! At the Europarking building in Amsterdam.

Residents of Amsterdam, famous to many for its red-light district, have taken it all off in the name of art. World renowned photographer Spencer Tunick was doing what he does best last night, photographing women on bicycles, men at a service station, as well as models posing at one of the city’s famous bridges in Amsterdam’s historic centre.

Around 2,000 brave Amsterdam residents posed for Tunick who has orchastrated mass nudist shoots previously in  Belgium, France, Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States.

 “It was very hard to find space in a city meant for such a small amount of people,” Tunick said. “I was very lucky to get almost 2,000 to fill a massive car park.”

“I get people to shed their inhibitions basically because the people shedding their clothing are interested in contemporary art,” Tunick said.

Photos from Sunday’s session were to be exhibited at an Amsterdam club Sunday night, and will be reproduced on billboards in the city later in the summer.

Tunick was once arrested for his work in New York City after a female model posed nude for him in Manhattan during the middle of the day.

         Tunick herding the nudists.

  1. Saw this and was inspired.
    I am a new york photographer
    Shooting headshots

  2. […] in June it was all going off in Amsterdam, and this weekend it was a naked rendezvous with a glacier in Switzerland for famous nude […]

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