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Ginger gene drives UK family from home.

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              Don’t worry, be happy.

They have been a source of cheap ridicule by many in society for centuries, and one all red haired family in the UK has reportedly had to move three times to escape taunts, violence and even graffiti. Kevin and Barbara Chapman say they and their four children have endured three years of attacks and abuse.

Kevin, 11, left, Daniel, 9, and Ryelle, 10, have suffered cruel taunts because of the colour of their hair           The chapman kids.

In the latest incident, they came home to find abusive slogans painted on their property. Even as the family discussed another move with social workers last week, they returned to find smashed windows.

Mr. Chapman, 49, said his 10-year-old daughter Ryelle and sons Daniel, 10 and Jordan, 13, had also been badly affected. Each time the family move the hate mob reappears, he says.

He said: “The abuse we get is unbelievable. It started more than three years ago, when the kids started getting bullied by lads over the colour of their hair.

“They’ve been punched and kicked and thrown over a hedge. Every time they go out these gangs get to them.

“We can’t even go to the local shops which are only two minutes away. The kids get all their stuff taken off them.”

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