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     Knut at just a few weeks of age.

Knut, the world’s most famous polar bear is rapidly growing into a large and shaggy beast. Weighing in at around 28 kilograms, he is still young enough for his handler Thomas Doerflein to play with, but this won’t last for long given the tendency for Polar bears to become more aggressive at an older age.

“He’s just playing and it doesn’t hurt, it just pinches a bit. It only hurts when he gets angry,” the bearded Doerflein told Reuters, who already has a few bruises after spending time rolling around with Knut.

After being cared for night and day as a young cub at the Berlin Zoo Knut was fed porriage and milk, but the young star now tucks into high protien fish, meat and even cat food and is putting on around 200 grams a day.

Last week, he learned how to swim and Doerflein takes Knut for a walk round the Zoo every morning to build up his muscles. His coat is no longer white and fluffy, but yellow and shaggy.

Knut was rejected by his mother, Tosca, and hit the headlines after an animal rights campaigner said hand-rearing polar bears violated animal rights. World media interpreted the comments as a call for Knut to be put down.

 Since then, Knut has become a brand. He has his own song, DVD and book deal and features in a range of merchandise from soft toys and T-shirts to sweets.

Knut this week.

Source: Reuters

VOTE: Is Knut still cute despite his size at 6 months?

 See Knut go global on CNN

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